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Michon Lartigue is a Writer, Coach, and Speaker. Her work revolves around a heart-felt desire to help individuals and institutions tap into their strengths and gain clarity in achieving goals. Her core mission is to highlight issues that are difficult to address and to infuse more inspiration into the world.



Counsel and encouragement from other people, including coaches, helped me save my life. If I can give a fraction of that energy to my clients, we will experience an amazing community of men, women, and young people, who will contribute to making a positive imprint in our world.




With so many issues facing our society, I’m inspired, now more than ever, to use my own voice, and to highlight the voices of others who speak on some of the most difficult issues we face as both individuals and together.


Recent Posts

  • Trust the Flow
    2018 was an intense year.  For many, last year was filled with the good, bad, or ugly life situations and lessons we don’t or can’t plan for ahead of time. Not...
  • Focus or Fold
    For almost 12 years after his first heart attack, I tried to prepare for my father’s death. At first, my attempts were a protective measure, as if imagining the worst-case...
  • Fear the Gecko
    There’s a gecko in our room and I’m scared.  Let’s be clear, I am not a “startled, oh you scared me” scared.  For the last thirty minutes my feet were...
  • Fear, Faith
    When I was in my early twenties, I got a tattoo.   I was with some family and friends who had planned to get inked and I decided to join them.  ...