If you are looking for a Facilitator or Speaker for a workshop or event, here are a few of the topics I currently cover in my workshops or keynotes.  I’m also available  to tailor a workshop for your specific audience and messaging goals.


Empowerment And Transformation

  • The Truth About Our Crisis: How Loss Can Provide Lessons on Living
  • The Dark Side of Grief and Finding Your Way to the Light
  •  The Self-Care Silver Lining
  • Time Management – Finding the Time to Live Our Lives
  • Mind Management: The Unspoken Tool to Living a Powerful Life
  • Shush Yourself: Interrupting Our Negative Narratives
  • You’re Not Stressed, You’re Depressed

Career and
Professional Lives

  • Alignment Is the New Black
  • It Feels Good to Do Good
  • The Full-Time Fight: How Full-Time Work Can or Won’t Fuel Your Dreams

Fundraising and

  • The Art and Science of Fundraising
  • Fundraising 101
  • Relationship Building - the Hidden Tool to Fundraising Success
  • We Hate Fundraising: Redefining and Building a Fundraising Culture