If you desire to make changes in your life, and are in need of inspiration, guidance, and clarity, you’ve come to the right place!   My clients often want more from life but don’t know how to start or figure out their next steps.   Often, they feel confused, overwhelmed, or blocked. I’ve been there – most of us have.  We meet in that space and I help you start on a path of change.

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Front and Center Package  

Includes 15 consecutive hours of in-person sessions (+ travel and lodging if applicable)


Face to Face Package  

Includes 12 hours of in-person sessions (+ travel and lodging if applicable).


Make it Virtual Package  

Includes 10 hours of skype and/or phone sessions

Call for Clarity Package 

Includes 6 hours of phone sessions


Follow Up A-La-Carte Package 

Requires completion of one of above packages and a minimum of 2 hours


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