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The Sun Day Miracle Moment

My dad used to create slideshows with family or nature scenery photos mixed with some of his favorite music.   He made the first one in 2009, and in the last few months of his life he increased the frequency and focus. He would create a theme like, “father and son”, and pick a song to…
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Choosing Our Own Adventure (Adulthood)

When I was a kid, the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) series was one of my favorite collections of books. Each story started with a compelling beginning and then after a few pages, you encounter two or three options. Option one may send you to page 10, while option 2 sends you to page 38.…
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Keep Living – Keep Going (Motherhood)

I am not a mother.   I think this is important to note because I believe it is respectful to distinguish the difference between empathy and experience.   I have a fairly unique understanding of motherhood based on an intimate involvement in the lives of many mothers, but I am not a mother. Some people find this…
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Here Comes The Sun

Today is December 1, 2012 and it has been 8 months and one day since my father died and almost 11 months since the death of my grandmother. It is fascinating because the second after I typed that sentence, The Commodores’ Jesus is Love, a song we played at his memorial service, came up in…
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